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About the Find Christina Calayca Group

Christina with her family at Christmas before she disappearedThe Find Christina Calayca Group was established in order to assist families searching for missing campers, hikers, or hunters in Canada. Our mission is to provide resources to assist with conducting private, family-led searches for loved ones who are missing in the wilderness. We will provide Canadian families with information on search logistics, creating awareness, fundraising efforts, and logistical and emotional support during a search operation. We will make available our knowledge on search and rescue resources as well as information on fundraising and awareness. As a first step, we will be providing the needed resources to conduct a search for missing camper Christina Calayca. The lessons learnt and the knowledge gained from this search will be shared with other families who are searching for missing loved ones. Please contact for more information.

The Search for Christina

Each day since her disappearance months ago, Christina's loved ones have hoped and prayed that she would return to us safely. If hope alone were enough, she would already be home; but she unfortunately is not. Therefore, it is up to all of us to take action. 

The OPP’s initial search did not bring Christina back and failed to bring closure to her love ones. After they called off the search, we came to the horrible realization that we would never know what happened to Christina and never see her again. Not being able to accept this, we sought out the means to bring her home. 

We now know that finding Christina will be no easy task and will require a tremendous amount of resources.  We will not be able to achieve this goal without the support of the public. The search for Christina will be very costly due to the need for specially trained personnel and equipment to conduct the search. The terrain at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park is rocky, the bush is very dense, and there are areas that are not readily accessible because of the higher, steeper terrain, as well as cliffs. Clearly, a search for Christina should not be performed by untrained individuals, who would otherwise risk personal injury. The money raised will entirely go toward the costs associated with bringing in personnel specifically trained to conduct these searches, as well as any equipment or other specialized resources (e.g., trained dogs).

We spoke with other families who have gone through similar situations, foundations, and volunteer search organizations. In our search for answers, we found that in Canada there are very few resources for the families and loved ones in a situation like this, but they are very desperately needed.

Thank you to everyone who has shown support for the Find Christina Calayca Group. Our combined efforts will make it possible to find hope in a terrible and unfortunate situation: to learn from Christina's disappearance and continue her legacy.

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"Missing You" CD Single

Missing YouTo raise search funds, this CD single, written and performed especially for Christina, is available for purchase. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the search for Christina.

Click to purchase.

Fundraising Efforts

donation meter We are raising money to help fund a search for Christina in the spring. This is where we are now. A search of this magnitude can cost upwards of $100,000.


Find Christina Calayca Group:

Please feel free to contact us for questions, comments, or if you would like to find out how to help us find Christina.